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Finding the Right Credit Card for You is Easier with Bogota Credit Alliance.


Personal Credit Card Solutions to Fit Your Lifestyle

Today, credit cards are a valuable and necessary form of payment for many consumers. With so many forms of credit payment to choose from, Bogota Credit Alliance offers a card to fit your lifestyle. We take the time to understand your individual needs – whether you are looking to start building your credit, seeking a temporary form of credit for an immediate need or desiring a way to earn rewards on holiday spending; Bogota Credit Alliance has the solution that is right for you.

Earn More Rewards with Less Rules

Looking to earn more rewards on your purchases? Let Bogota Credit Alliance help you do just that with a Visa® Platinum Card, Visa® Real Rewards Card, Cash Rewards American Express® Card, Premier Rewards American Express® Card. Annual fees, APRs, credit limits and features vary from card to card – so let us help determine what works best for you.

Build Your Credit

At any age or stage of life, it’s important to build your credit worthiness as part of your overall financial stability. For some consumers, it is important to re-establish credit at some point throughout their life. Maintaining good standing with revolving credit is an important step in that direction. Let Bogota Credit Alliance help you start building credit worthiness with a Visa® College Real Rewards Card or Visa® Secured Card. With different annual fees, APRs, credit limits and features for each card, allow Bogota Credit Alliance to help guide you based on your individual needs and preferences.


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Bogota Credit Alliance, headquartered in the Bergen County town of Teaneck, offers credit card services to customers throughout the state of New Jersey.


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