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Financial Tip Friday

  • Setup an emergency fund - An emergency fund is important to have in the case of losing your job, having a medical emergency, home expenses, or a number of unforeseen events. Saving at least three months of your income as a back-up is a great way to make sure you are covered. #FinancialTipFriday
  • Help Your Future Self - When you receive a raise, think about raising your 401k contribution at the same time. Since you will be making more money you won’t even notice that more is also going into your retirement account. You won’t believe how much the compounding effect has in the long run! #FinancialTipFriday
  • Make Saving Easier - Consider opening a CD with the money you were planning on depositing into your savings account. A CD will lock up your money for a specified period of time making it harder to spend and earning you interest at the same time #FinancialTipFriday

Security Tip Tuesday

  • Password Strength - Having strong passwords for each of your accounts make it more difficult for someone to hack and gain access.  Use upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to prevent someone from guessing your password. Actively changing them every month is also a great way to keep your accounts safe! #SecurityTipTuesday
  • Evaluate your settings - Take advantage of a website's privacy settings. Customizing your settings may enable you to restrict access to only certain people even though the default settings for some sites may allow anyone to see your profile. There is still a risk that private information could be exposed despite these restrictions, so don't post anything that you wouldn't want everyone to see. Most sites change their options periodically, so review your security and privacy settings regularly to make sure that your choices are set appropriately. #SecurityTipTuesday
  • Think before you post -The information or photos that you share on your blog/profile can be removed, but may still exist on other people’s machines. Only post information that you would be comfortable with everyone seeing. Once you post information on the internet it can almost never be taken down for good. #SecurityTipTuesday



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